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Due to confidentiality, only public images from Cadillac's pressroom and public reveals can be shown in my portfolio.


The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ was crafted through several years of mindful design, user research and careful refinement to create the ultimate luxury infotainment system for any Cadillac customer. What started with wireframes and user flows ended in a 33" freeform display of vivid graphics, new & improved features, and a seamless, immersive user experience. From icon design to gauge design, every inch of the UI was uniquely crafted to capture the Cadillac brand essence and focus on simplicity and inclusivity of use. 


As the Cadillac Brand UI Design Lead, I have been leading a team of visual designers in the creation and design of the UI for the Cadillac LYRIQ. I designed several aspects of the UI myself including the Energy and Gauge View in the cluster, as well as overseeing the design of all applications within the UI done by my team. Each app's design has been refined to reflect a seamless visual user experience and capture the overall Cadillac brand essence down to the fine details.


The design of the LYRIQ's UI is unique in the way that it will be able to support multiple color themes with
the touch of a button. The user can switch between color themes to their liking, creating a new and unique experience with each theme. Of course the UI had to be designed and built in a way that would support this, and I led the group exercise to support this functionality. Over the course of several months I led discussions, testing, and prototyping with several groups to discover the most efficient way to design and deliver the UI in a consumable way for our development team to successfully implement the ability to change theme.


The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ also includes a lot of visual enhancements in regards to messaging in the instrument cluster. We have incorporated many vehicle renders into the alerts for clearer communication to the driver and more realistic representation of its features, such as Auto Lane Change - as shown here. 



My team is currently undergoing the design process for Cadillac's newest vehicle addition, the CELESTIQ. 

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